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The Underbunch Podcast #51 – It’s Christmas?

Ok, I’ve been bad.  We recorded a gift exchange for Christmas between all of us and it sat on my computer, while I started my year and I didn’t finish it until now.  So to pay you all back for your patience, here is an hour long Underbunch, where we celebrate Christmas and our year in review.  New episodes coming in April!

The Underbunch Podcast #50 – Don’t Move, Don’t Move!

Go us! We have managed to do two Podcasts in a month (I believe a first for this year).

One once again the subject is totally gay.

I guess this is our experimental phase.


The Underbunch Podcast #49 – Gays and Obama

Where is episode 48?

Who cares!

It’s episode 49!

We continue to keep up our rigorous recording schedule.

This one only took two months!

The Underbunch Podcast #47 – A Long Hard One

Since we made you wait, we give you the longest Underbunch this year.  That sounds gross.

The Underbunch Podcast #46 – The Circle of Life

We discuss Mike’s impending fatherhood (recorded before the birth of his son) and the death of Michael Jackson.

A Most Happy Break

Well, we continue to joke about our breaks, and have likely decimated our listnership with them (thanks to those who are still avid listeners!).  We once again will be taking a break, this time for a truely wonderful reason.  Mike has become a father.  We are all very excited for Mike and family, and look forward to future underbunches, once he and family get used to their new lives.

Congrats Mike!

The Underbunch Podcast #45 – Serious Debate

This episode we finally tackle the important issues of our day.

The Underbunch Podcast #44 – Bad Experiences

This episode we focus on bad restaurent experiences and false advertising.  New episode this weekend.  Break time is over!

Swine Flu – ZOMG!


The Underbunch Podcast #43 – Foodies

This episode we discuss some emails and our run-ins with odd foods…

The Underbunch Podcast #42 – Down with the Sickness

Break over!

We return with a lovely description of our various ills, and a new underbunch bit.

The UnderBunch question of the week:

Do you believe aliens have visited the earth?

Leave us your answers in the comments!

We missed you, we missed us.

The Underbunch Podcast – Quick Break

Hey all, due to some intervening business on the part of some of the underbunch (me).  We are going to be taking a break until mid-April-ish on the podcast.  Take this time to think about what you have done, and left undone.

Deep, huh?

Not really?

Oh, okay.

Love your butts.

The Underbunch Podcast #41 – Listener Appreciation

We haven’t forgotten about you .  We (Aaron) have been busy, so this week as a catch up we give some love back.

Website Update!

For all you underbunch podcast completists out there.  I have ensured that all episodes back to episode 4 are available from the website now.  I am hunting for the first three, they seem to have been lost in the move to the new website, but have faith.

Thanks for listening!

The Underbunch Podcast #40 – Armageddon and Ronald Reagan

This episode we reveal the plan to save you from the end of the world….with us!